Alexander_Whitley, Celestial Motion II. Photo: Luca Biada


The Bonnies are the portfolio of awards that the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund offers. The Fund aims to recognise the work of artists and individuals in the choreographic arena from a very early point in their careers right through to the more mature years of their work. Our awards are constantly under review by the very active board and will shift and change in response to the needs of the industry.

Our current awards:

To mark the start of the new decade, the Trustees and Advisors of the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund decided to enhance their awards – The Bonnies – in 2020. As in previous years, the principal purpose of the awards is to provide direct financial support to artists wishing to research and develop their practice. This year, the fund decided to acknowledge the imbalance in opportunities that are currently, and/or had previously been available to cis-female, trans, and non-binary artists. This is reflected in the New Choreography Award of £20,000, a significant increase from the previous £10,000 award, to support the artist or artists' research activity over two years, whilst four new Choreographic Development Awards were open to all applicants.

What we look for

We welcome proposals from artists working choreographically in any style or genre. This can, but need not necessarily include, artists working with an experimental or interdisciplinary approach to dance, choreography and performance. The overriding criteria is that we seek convincing, ambitious, and clearly articulated ideas. We want to be surprised, excited and will need to understand why what you are proposing to do is different from what you have done before.

When selecting the award winner, we take the following criteria into consideration:

The call for applications to the New Choreography Award and the Choreographic Development Awards is now closed.

Nominations for the Lifetime Contribution to Choreography Award are also now closed.

The award recipients for The Bonnies 2020 are:

Lifetime Contribution to Choreography Award –

Sue MacLennan

Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award –

Janine Harrington

Choreographic Development Awards –

Julie Cunningham,

Roberta Jean,

Grace Nicol,

Charlotte Spencer

Our previous awards: