Luca Silvestrini, Dear Body
Luca Silvestrini, Dear Body. Photo: Johan Parsson


The fundamental purpose of the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund (BBCF) is to support and promote the investigation and development of choreography through:

  • Awards to be made to give public recognition and monetary assistance to choreographers in order to further their artistic work, and thereby contribute to the field.
  • The commissioning of dance works.
  • National and international relationships to broaden choreographic knowledge through performances, workshops, lecture demonstrations, master classes, seminars, digital media and any other appropriate means.
  • Support of inter-related arts projects which extend the development and understanding of choreography.
  • Support wholly or in part of projects designed to stimulate creativity amongst young people with special reference to dance as a medium.
  • Support of proposals or projects aimed at enhancing the appreciation of and potential engagement with dance and choreography.
  • Supporting research with reference to choreographic practices.
  • Support for the publication and/or dissemination of ideas which are deemed to fuel debate and enhance the wider knowledge of dance.